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Version History

v1.53.1087 (07 Jun 2016)
  • Improved Ext4 and Ext3 file system support
  • Improved Fat32 partition file scanning
  • Optimized Secure Overwrite on Windows 10
  • Enhanced drive and partition detection
  • Improved keyboard navigation
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.52.1086 (07 Apr 2015)
  • Added Ext4 file system support
  • Improved NTFS Deep Scan
  • Improved accuracy of scan statistics
  • Improved VHD Image loading. (Recuva Professional only)
  • Improved localization and language support
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.51.1063 (20 Mar 2014)
  • Added Ext2 and Ext3 file system support
  • Added recovery from volumes without GUID
  • Improved SSD detection and support
  • Improved Secure Overwrite on Windows XP
  • Optimized FAT32 volume deep scan algorithm
  • Improved partition detection on VHD images (Recuva Professional only)
  • Improved Show drives options
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.50.1036 (20 Jan 2014)
  • Added ISO9660 file system support
  • Added recovery from unmounted drives
  • Improved duplicated file name recovery
  • Added Junction Point recovery support
  • Improved optical drive detection and recovery
  • Improved scan statistics accuracy
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.49.1019 (12 Nov 2013)
  • Added multi-session UDF support
  • Added Unicode character handling to file list export
  • Improved FAT partition file scanning
  • Enhanced detection of drives with mounted junction points
  • Improved email filter and added .pst file detection
  • Improved keyboard navigation on scan results list
  • Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements

v1.48.982 (12 Aug 2013)
  • Added UDF drive support
  • Added user choice for recovery involving long path names
  • New options for recovering to drives with insufficient space
  • Enhanced file detection for small-capacity drives
  • Improved options for context menus
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.47.948 (05 Jun 2013)
  • Added file type filtering to Deep Scan
  • Improved detection of removable storage devices
  • Optimized memory usage
  • Improved VHD Image creation
  • Reorganized context menu items
  • Added Thai language support
  • Minor bug fixes and GUI improvements

v1.46.919 (03 Apr 2013)
  • Improved Deep Scan for exFAT and FAT
  • Added folder scan to Windows Explorer context menus
  • Added new file extensions to filters
  • Improved accuracy of scan statistics
  • Improved usability of folder browser
  • Improved uninstallation of menu items
  • Fixed minor bug in secure overwrite on exFAT file systems
  • Minor improvements to the recovery wizard
  • Minor GUI improvements

v1.45.858 (14 Feb 2013)
  • Added support for 3TB external drives
  • Added support for hard disks with 4 KB sectors
  • Improved secure overwrite performance
  • Improved NTFS deep scan recovery reliability
  • Added VHD drive image creation for system drives (Pro Version)
  • Fixed a minor bug with opening VHD images in Windows
  • Minor GUI improvements

v1.44.778 (22 Nov 2012)
  • Improved recovery for files larger than 1 GB
  • Faster scrolling when >1 million files in the file list
  • Improved Outlook Express data file recovery
  • Added Recover menu option to the Recycle Bin
  • Added support for mini-SD cards
  • Added VHD drive image creation (Pro Version)
  • exFAT drive labels are now correctly detected
  • Improved support for files with Alternate Data Streams
  • Added support for USB drives mounted as the A: drive
  • Added Indonesian and Serbian Latin languages
  • Minor GUI improvements

v1.43.623 (12 Jul 2012)
  • Added recovery of Alternate Data Streams
  • Improved support for files larger than 4GB
  • Filters are now applied dynamically with significant improvement in memory usage
  • Filters added to "Save as file list" feature
  • NTFS permissions are now reported correctly
  • Improved reporting for failed zero byte files
  • Improved accuracy of recovery potential for JPEGs
  • Improved handling of free space during recovery
  • Improved support for multiple monitors
  • Minor GUI improvements

v1.42.544 (01 Dec 2011)
  • Re-architected deep scan algorithm for JPGs and PNGs
  • Improved file searching on Windows 2008 R2
  • Improved support for Windows 8
  • Added Export file list feature
  • Improved keyboard navigation support
  • Fixed rare crash on XP during FAT scan
  • Improved memory usage for high volume drives
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.41.537 (10 Oct 2011)
  • Added content searching for specific text in deleted files
  • Added regular expression matching to the filter
  • Added preliminary support for Windows 8
  • Improved support for BartPE (added new folder creation)
  • Fixed filter drop down highlight issue
  • Improved recovery of compressed files from drives with non-standard cluster size
  • Many minor UI improvements
  • Latvian language added

v1.40.525 (28 Mar 2011)
  • Added support for Windows 7 SP1
  • Added support for BartPE recovery CD
  • Improved file recovery from Apple iPods
  • Improved error handling on drives >1TB
  • More efficient memory usage when >1M files are found
  • Better handling of files that have lost file type
  • Added support for Kurdish language
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.39.509 (20 Dec 2010)
  • Fixed bug that caused "Unable to read MFT" error
  • Improved support for exFAT drives
  • Improved support for Windows 7
  • Added mnemonics to the Wizard
  • Extended logging for Windows 7 64-bit
  • Added link to Online Help
  • Fixed bug that could cause analysis fail on U3 drives
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.38.504 (16 Jul 2010)
  • Added ability to restore images to the clipboard
  • Improved Windows 7 support
  • Improved stability of background checking
  • Updated all internal URL references to
  • Improved support for PDFs in deep scan
  • Updated setup routine to install for all users
  • Updated and simplified the installer

v1.37.488 (14 Apr 2010)
  • Improved support for scrolling context menu
  • Improved language support
  • Improved context menu in info panel
  • Minor changes to recovery algorithms
  • Minor UI changes

v1.36.479 (01 Mar 2010)
  • Improved reliability of FAT32 disk scanning
  • Improved 64-bit EXE memory usage
  • Improved screen resize to avoid hiding controls
  • Improved use of mnemonics in Wizard screen
  • Better support for accessibility users
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.35.472 (05 Feb 2010)
  • Improved NTFS scanning algorithm
  • Startup time improved with better memory management
  • Added Compressed file type to Wizard
  • Up and down keys now working correctly in the filter control
  • GUI text changes

v1.34.460 (22 Dec 2009)
  • Files can now be recovered without requiring the scan to complete
  • Improvements to Thunderbird email recovery
  • Fixed bug with "Check for Updates" link
  • Fixed bug with tab stop not working after canceling scan
  • Fixed wizard options bug, which affected some languages
  • Minor bugs fixes and performance improvements

v1.33.451 (23 Nov 2009)
  • Added support for non-standard sector size in Windows 7
  • 25% improvement in deep scan speed
  • Fixed bug when multi-selecting items in thumbnail view
  • Fixed repaint problem with thumbnail view
  • Fixed problem with file list view not display icons correctly
  • Added translator information to About Screen
  • Added Georgian translation

v1.32.444 (30 Oct 2009)
  • Improved analysis of exFAT drives
  • Added U3 portable installer
  • GUI fixes for non-standard DPI (large fonts)
  • Improved error messages for files that cannot be overwritten
  • Dropped support for Windows 98 to improve performance
  • Fixed bug in language selection
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.31.437 (30 Sep 2009)
  • Added email recovery to Wizard
  • Improvements to Thunderbird email recovery
  • Improved handling of very large exFAT drives
  • Various stability fixes in 64-bit version
  • Updated installer to allow Recuva to run at the end
  • Added Estonian language support

v1.30.435 (03 Sep 2009)
  • Added recovery of emails from Outlook Express
  • Added recover of emails from Windows Mail
  • Added 'Email' filter
  • Fixed bug that could cause secure delete to fail in list view
  • Various bug fixes

v1.29.429 (15 Jul 2009)
  • Added recovery of deleted Thunderbird emails
  • Added support for Nikon RAW in Deep Scan
  • Improved support of exFAT drives
  • Improved recovery of JPG images from NTFS drives
  • Various minor tweaks

v1.28.424 (25 Jun 2009)
  • Added native 64-bit support
  • Added support for exFAT drives
  • Improved Windows 7 support
  • Fixed browse issue with the Wizard in Win98
  • Fixed a few other Win98 issues
  • Minor UI tweaks

v1.27.419 (20 May 2009)
  • Improvements to Wizard browse dialog
  • Complete rewrite of PDF and RTF deep scan detection methods
  • Fixed display bug for status icons in low-color
  • Scan speed optimizations
  • Various UI tweaks

v1.26.416 (20 Apr 2009)
  • Added 'Time remaining' indication to the progress dialog
  • Added support for CRW (Canon RAW) files to the deep scan
  • Fixed issue that could cause some FAT 32 files to not be securely deleted
  • Improved error handling
  • Various UI changes

v1.25.409 (21 Mar 2009)
  • iPod track names are now restored
  • Improved UI stability when working with very large files
  • Improved handling of floppies on early Windows OSs
  • Various tweaks to UI for non-English languages
  • Scan optimizations
  • Various minor tweaks

v1.23.389 (20 Jan 2009)
  • Added support for iPods
  • Fixed rare crash that could happen on certain JPGs in deep scan
  • Language DLLs are now stored in /lang folder
  • Fixed minor resizing issue with Launch wizard button
  • Added .m4a files to Audio filter
  • Scan engine optimizations
  • Various minor tweaks

v1.22.384 (29 Dec 2008)
  • Improved messages when cancelling large file recovery
  • Secure delete is now greyed for non-deleted files
  • Improved recovery of .TIF files from FAT32 drives
  • Filter category text now updates dynamically when changing languages
  • Fixed 'Check for updates' position in Vista
  • Various minor tweaks and improvements

v1.21.373 (27 Nov 2008)
  • Improved recovery of orphaned JPG images in FAT32
  • Launch wizard button now working properly in all cases
  • Improved scan canceling on large files
  • Fixed bug that caused Wizard icons to not be displayed in 16 bit color
  • Check for updates now included in tab-stop
  • Added Czech translation
  • Various minor UI tweaks

v1.20.361 (22 Oct 2008)
  • Improved detection of encrypted files
  • Optimized Windows 2008 Server deep scan routines
  • Added 'Run wizard' button to Options dialog
  • Scanning engine improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.19.350 (27 Sep 2008)
  • Redesigned the Options window
  • Fixed bug related to Insufficient resources error
  • Improved handling of invalid file records
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.18.344 (28 Aug 2008)
  • Duplicate files are now numbered sequentially
  • Added sort arrows to list view
  • Added Croatian translation
  • Minor updates to translations
  • Improvements to FAT32 routines
  • Various UI tweaks

v1.17.339 (29 Jul 2008)
  • Reduced memory usage by 10%
  • Added Office 2007 doc types to 'Documents' filter
  • Added .cab and .url to deep scan
  • Files with no name found during deep scan are now named using meta data Works for the following file types: mp3, wma, wmv, rtf, url, doc, xls, ppt, vsd, tiff, jpg and png
  • Added support for USB drives with a sector size of 2048 bytes
  • Improvements to system info status
  • Minor bug fixes

v1.16.333 (09 Jul 2008)
  • Added ability to search for non-deleted files (for recovery from damaged or reformatted disks only)
  • Added support for .rtf, .pdf, .mp3 and .tif files to deep scan
  • Fixed bug that would limit file size of .avi files to 1GB after deep scan
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Performance improvements

v1.15.327 (11 Jun 2008)
  • Fixed bizarre crash in filter box (if you press F4 twice)
  • Fixed memory leak on FAT32 drives with large numbers of files
  • Fixed rare crash in secure deletion
  • Minor UI tweaks

v1.14.321 (27 May 2008)
  • Added support for video, audio, and compressed files in deep scan Formats: .wma .ogg .wav .mov .mpg .mp4 .3gp .flv .wmv .avi .rar .zip
  • Added 'Compressed' option to the filter
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash during deep scan, caused by corrupt image files
  • Added support for Microsoft Office tmp files Allows recovery of files lost if Office crashes
  • Various small UI tweaks
  • Added Ukrainian translation

v1.13.304 (01 Apr 2008)
  • Added Deep Scan. Recuva can now search for files lost by the file system, which will work for reformatted and repartitioned drives
  • Improved speed and stability for image preview in Windows 2k/98
  • Several performance tweaks
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements

v1.12.291 (18 Mar 2008)
  • New Wizard to make recovery easier
  • New Thumbnails view
  • Added Scan All Drives feature
  • Fixed 'Cannot find path' issue
  • Fixed rare crash during scan in XP/2000
  • Optimized treeview speed with large numbers of files
  • Minor UI changes
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

v1.11.257 (21 Feb 2008)
  • New file contents analysis
  • Tweaks to secure delete feature
  • Added filter by file type
  • Added status icon to the list view
  • Improved progress indication on large files
  • Several performance improvements
  • Minor tweaks and changes

v1.10.223 (29 Jan 2008)
  • Added Secure Deletion option (Win2k and newer)
  • Added option to save settings to an INI file
  • Optimized error logging
  • Improved recovery of sparse files
  • Performance improvements
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Minor tweaks and changes

v1.9.194 (06 Dec 2007)
  • Fixed bug with fragmented MFT tables

v1.9.190 (30 Nov 2007)
  • Added Piriform styling to main dialog banner
  • App now automatically checks for updates
  • Incorporated scanning of $LogFile to NTFS scan
  • Dynamic changing of language
  • UI tweaks and improvements
  • Minor bugs fixes

v1.8.174 (15 Nov 2007)
  • Added image preview feature
  • Redesigned find box
  • Fixed sorting by state issue
  • Better handling of the cluster array (bad allocation issue)
  • Fixed error during data processing (could freeze at 99%)
  • Improved support of sparse files
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.7.138 (24 Oct 2007)
  • Fully Unicode (requires unicows.dll with Windows 98/ME)
  • Improved restoration of file names when restoring from the Recycle Bin
  • Better feedback for files that fail to be recovered
  • Threading issue fixed (affected removable FAT32 drives)
  • Minor UI changes
  • Added Simplified Chinese
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.6.132 (28 Sep 2007)
  • Improvements to NTFS recovery
  • Improved handling of fragmented MFT
  • Fixed rare crash when using the filter
  • Improved accuracy of status information
  • Stability improvements
  • Various UI tweaks
  • Added Catalan and Norwegian translations
  • Localization fixes

v1.5.118 (20 Sep 2007)
  • 22 language translations added
  • Added support for Windows 98
  • Fixed cleartype font support
  • Tweaks to data run types (improves recovery rate for NTFS)
  • Better handling of large numbers of files in list view
  • Stores users settings in the registry
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.4.104 (20 Aug 2007)
  • Fixed issue that stopped Recuva working from a USB drive under XP64
  • Fixed highlighted items bug when sorting by columns
  • Fixed tree view tooltips in Win95DB5DBA-5994-40DB-87D1-2D5421551F2B
  • Speedier recovery from thumbdrives under USB 1.1
  • Updated installer engine and detection routines
  • Several minor UI changes
  • Minor tweaks and fixes

v1.3.100 (06 Aug 2007)
  • Sorting is much faster with a large numbers of files
  • Fixed unhandled exception when closing in debug mode
  • Added handling of super short zero byte files that could cause the scan to hang
  • Filter text is now a whizzy grey color, when not in use
  • Removed previous selected item from group when drag selecting
  • Improved find rate in FAT32 system drives
  • Super duper optimized for NTFS system drives
  • Added full size Vista icon
  • Fixed issue that could delay selection rectangle redraw in themed Win2k3
  • Added 'Highlight Folder' option to right click menu in list view
  • Fixed banner icon drawing issue in 2000
  • Minor tweaks and fixes